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My inspection will not be the cheapest you can find

If you value the results of the cheapest option there are others who can do that better than I can.  The investment you make in my service depends on the home’s size, age, location, and foundation type. My fees include aerial images and unofficial (less than 48-hour) radon sampling.

Mold, appliance recall research, and 48-hour radon testing is an additional fee. East Tennessee has one of the highest radon-related cancer rates in the country. There are quality and affordable radon solutions which are negotiable with the seller. Knowledge of elevated radon levels should be viewed as another negotiation tool.

For an estimate of cost for your inspection, the scheduler will provide a cost estimate for you. Get your estimate. Schedule now or call.


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I offer discounts (15%) to police, firefighter, veteran, active military, teachers, youth sports coaches, and repeat customers ($100). I also offer a 4% discount for non-bank card transactions.

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