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New Construction Inspections

You would be shocked at the number of defects that a new home has. Buyer beware! In an ideal world, every homebuilder would deliver flawless homes. Budget and time constraints often lead to compromises and shortcuts, resulting in potential issues that can impact the long-term quality and expense of maintaining your home. That’s why my comprehensive report is a crucial tool for safeguarding the integrity of your newly constructed home.

Ensure the quality and integrity of your new home with my comprehensive multi-phase construction inspection. From foundation to roof, my meticulous inspections far exceed standard building-code inspections, providing valuable insights and documentation for prompt issue resolution.

Proactive approach: I recommend having your newly constructed home inspected at various stages of construction and before closing, allowing you to address issues promptly before they “disappear.”  My thorough inspection reports serve as vital documentation for you to address and remedy any discovered defects promptly. You will have the necessary evidence to ensure remedies are implemented by the builder.

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